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中国浙江国际时装技术学院(Zejiong Fashion Institute of technology)

为了推动中美时尚产业的交流,帮助中国时尚产业转型升级,走向一个新的高潮。由于许院长的倡议和支持,美国纽约州立大学FIT学院和浙江理工大学、美国雪鸟集团及美中时装协会的共同努力下, 2000年创建了首家中美合作的浙江国际服装技术学院(ZFIT)。采用美式的教材和教学方式为中美的服装教育起到了重大的推动性作用。

To promote exchanges between the fashion industry and help Chinese fashion industry to upgrade to a new climax. Since the initiative and support John Xu of Dean, under the joint efforts of the United States Institute of New York State University and China of Zhejiang University of Fashion Institute of technology(ZIFT), Snowbird Group of US and US-Fashion Desin and technology Association (SAF), At 2000 he created the Zhejiang International Fashion Institute of Technology's first Sino-US cooperation (ZFIT). Use American textbooks and teaching methods for the Sino-US clothing education played a major role in promoting.




1. 时装设计

2. 工艺纸样设计

3. 时装营销




  1. 获奖者应颁奖杯一座,奖金五千元人民币(作为奖学金)

  2. 名列美中时装网SAFashion.Net的杰出学生光荣榜一年,并推荐给美中时装协会的会员企业与团体,提供实习和就业机会。

  3. 对于有条件到美国进修和学习的学生,向纽约时装技术学院FIT重点推荐。

  4. 雪鸟集团上海或杭州办事处提供暑期优先实习机会。


许权荣 2002.04.18

About "Snowbird" Best Learning Award

To encourage students to learn ZIFT energy, and education system in the country to promote the FIT Movies

ring. By our Board of Directors decided to ZITF three outstanding students awarded the Best Professional Learning Award:

1. Fashion design

2. Pattern Design Process

3. Fashion Marketing

The "Snowbird" Best Learning Award since 2002, providing 20 per year, the professional two.

Winners should be approved by a majority of the awards committee, academic performance must be among the best in the profession, moral Jianyou, where ZIFT students regardless of formal or informal student can participate in competitions.

"Snowbird" prize rewards the best learning method is as follows:

1. Cup Winners should award a prize five thousand yuan (as scholarships)

2. Among the US fashion network SAFashion.Net outstanding students Hall of Fame a year, and recommend to the United States and Fashion Association member companies and organizations, provide internships and employment opportunities.

3. Conditional to the United States for training and learning of students, the New York Fashion Institute of Technology FIT key recommendation.

4. Snowbird Group Shanghai or Hangzhou Office provide summer internship opportunities priority.

 Snowbird Group Inc USA

John Xu 2002.04.18

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